Putney Central School Students Raise Funds for Putney Foodshelf

12-28-17From left, Jenna Powers, Raina Armour-Jones, Fern Patton.jpg

Three students at Putney Central School donated $145 to the Putney Foodshelf on December 22. The students held a bake sale during the school’s annual holiday gift bazaar on December 8, 2017. Eighth-grader Jenna Powers and seventh-graders Raina Armour-Jones and Fern Patton came up with the idea on “Walk-to-School Day,” which was October 11. The girls talked about how Christmas was coming, and they wanted to perform acts of kindness.

 “We all have had friends who have used the Foodshelf,” said Armour-Jones, “and we wanted to keep it going.” Armour-Jones and Powers organized a similar effort last year, and their experience informed their choices this year. The bazaar proved to be a sensible choice of venue. “Everyone goes to the holiday bazaar,” Armour-Jones said, “and we all like to bake.”

“We knew there would be a lot of people,” Powers said. “Also, teachers go to the bazaar. And kids love sweets.”

“Bake sales are fun,” Patton said.

This year the girls had more food available, and they always had at least two people (at their booth) at all times. Suggested donation was 25 cents to 50 cents. The amount raised reflected the generosity of the customers.  “Our goal this year was $90,” Powers said, “because we made $70 last year. Instead, we more than doubled last year’s amount. A few kids gave a lot just ’cause they wanted to. It was really awesome. They would pay the money and not take anything. It restores my faith in humanity.”