Annual events

Green Mountain RSVP’s Stuff the Bus
On the Saturday of Martin Luther King weekend at Hannaford Supermarket, this annual drive supports four area food shelves.

Postal Carriers Drive
This annual food drive takes place the second Saturday of May. Our local postal carriers will pick up any nonperishable food bagged and left at the base of your mailbox (not in your mailbox — that’s a federal offense!) and bring it back to the Post Office. The Foodshelf volunteer brigade pick up, sort, and restock our shelves with the bounty.

Top the Truck
In 2013, the Foodshelf ran a community-wide daylong food drive to “Fill the Seats” at Next Stage Theater Arts. Now, called “Top the Truck,” we take curbside donations, including cash, all day long and fill a Soundview Paper Company truck. All area schools get involved: The Grammar School tries to fill their school bus and brings it down packed; Putney Central School students load wagons and walk them down the hill; students from Greenwood School, Putney School and Landmark College help accept donations, weigh the donations, and “Top the Truck.” This is our biggest drive and takes place annually in September. It helps build awareness in town that there is a food shelf and that we need the community support to keep it operating.

Thanksgiving Harvest Bags
We hand out a $10 gift card from Hannaford for a turkey plus a harvest bag filled with Thanksgiving dinner fixings on the second Tuesday of November.

Craft Tour partnership
Participating Putney Craft Tour studios give to the Foodshelf the proceeds from the sale of a particular item during the Craft Tour.

Breakfast with Santa
This event was begun by Jim Heal, pharmacist and Putney General Store manager, in support of the Foodshelf. Begun in 2013, it will now continue in Jim’s memory. (He passed away in December 2016 from cancer.) Now called Cookies and Cocoa with Santa, it continues as visit with Santa while enjoying some cookies and a hot drink. Brought to you by the Putney Foodshelf with Putney Community Cares.

Pass the Love project
Abd, our steady volunteer at the Putney Foodshelf and long-time Putney resident, was without a car the first seven years he lived in the area. He hitchhiked often and always offered gas money for the rides he received. Everyone refused, and at one point someone told him to just “Pass the Love.” At that point, his English wasn’t that strong, so he had to ask for clarification about its meaning, and the people who gave him the ride explained it to him. 

Fast forward to 2017, and Abd wanted to initiate the “Pass the Love” project. Already a steady volunteer at the Putney Foodshelf, Abd has also donated money to purchase cheese at the Foodshelf. His generous donation will keep the Foodshelf supplied with cheese for months to come.

We’re helping Abd advertise this “Pass the Love” project. Has someone helped you? Done something nice for you or a loved one? 

Say thanks by paying it forward. Two ways you can accomplish that are as follows:

  • Donate to the Pass the Love project. This can be done by donating to the Foodshelf for our cheese fund or for other healthy food to support our mission.

  • Pass the Love by doing something nice for someone else — a kind act or a donation of some kind. Or donate to another worthy group, which helps them pass the love.

Let us know how you passed the love. Or received the love! We post on iPutney and on Facebook, and would love to share your story. 


Vermont Foodbank
We are a network agency partner paying an annual membership fee for online ordering of good quality food with strong support for what we are doing.

Healthy Harvest Network
We distribute locally grown fresh foods and donations to our 7 area food shelves. This is a powerful partnership — we share our food when we have too much, we learn from one another, we support one another. Click here to download their brochure.

Putney businesses/organizations (2018)
Against the Grain*, Aldi*; Basketville*, Buzzy’s Pizzeria* (now closed), Chartwell Food Services, Flocksholm Design*, Food Connects, Hannaford*, Next Stage Arts, Pike Industries*, People’s United Bank, Putney Diner*, Putney Holiday Craft Tour, Putney Co-op*, Putney Fortnightly Club, Putney Friends Meeting, Putney General Store*, Putney Moves, River Valley Credit Union employees (Putney branch), Sister District Soup Project*, Soundview*, Town of Putney, Vermont Bread Company, The Viagra Club, Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Southern Vermont, among others.

Area schools
Dummerston School, Greenwood School, Kindle Farm School, Landmark College, Putney Central School, The Grammar School*, The Putney School.

Bunker Farm, Elm Lea Farm, Easy Pickin’s Farm, Green Mountain Orchards, Harlow Farm, High Meadows Farm, Jillson Farm*, Livewater Farm, Lost Barn Farm, Sun Hill Farm, Susan Read-Smith*, Walker Farm*, Walnut Ridge Farm, and many other gardeners.

* frequent donor